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Delivery is free in Italy

Purchases made from Shudy Shop are delivered free of charge in Italy.
Also, only Shudy Shop guarantees delivery within 3-4 working days from the date of the order.

Because you will only find official products updated to the latest collection

Shudy’s online shop is managed directly by the parent company, the exclusive manufacturer of all Shudy products, and is the only direct distributor of Shudy products for the web.
This is why you can be sure that the models on offer are the official ones and are always updated to the most recent collection.

It allows you to share your favourite products with your friends

Shudy believes in the Social Media. This is why you will find a button on the page of each product so that you can share the shoe you are looking at with all your friends on Facebook.
Tell others what you like, share opinions and exchange advice with your friends. It is the simplest and most entertaining way to pass the word on!

It is simple and easy to return the product

If you want to return a product you have purchased, you can be sure that Shudy’s Customer Care Service is working to satisfy all its customers and provides you with a returns policy which is designed to protect your requirements.

You can send the products to addresses other than your own

Thanks to the shop’s virtual trolley, you can manage advanced functions such as multiple destinations and delivery to other people. Even sending a gift to your friends and family is easier with Shudy Shop!

A customer care service dedicated to you is at your disposal

Shudy’s Customer Care service is at your disposal to help you both by phone and by e-mail. For any doubt or information, using the addresses you find on Shudy Shop you can speak directly with the company which produces and distributes all Shudy products. Who better than them can help you?!